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Danger and death on 18 wheels

Trucking Attorney KentuckyTruck accident cases are not the same as car wreck cases! Don’t let any lawyer try to tell you otherwise. You should only trust your case to an attorney who has the knowledge and experience that comes with practicing several truck wreck cases. Kentucky truck accident lawyer Julie Butcher has that knowledge and experience with many truck cases over her 25+ years of practice. Julie is one of only a few attorneys in Kentucky who is a member of a lawyers’ group that dedicates itself to helping the victims of truck wrecks and to preventing more wrecks, APITLA (Association of Plaintiff Interstate Trucking Lawyers of America). Tractor-trailer wrecks and other Kentucky truck crashes often result in serious injuries due to the size of the vehicles involved. When a semi or 18-wheeler collides with a smaller vehicle, life-threatening injuries can occur. These cases are also different from passenger car wrecks because of the many rules and regulations specific to the trucking industry.

Kentucky truck accident lawyer

Many inexperienced attorneys have no idea how important it is to collect and preserve the evidence as soon as possible, particularly in trucking cases. Collect and preserve the evidence as soon as possible, particularly in trucking cases. For instance, truck drivers have been known to keep two sets of log books; one that looks legal and the other one actual. Those drivers know they have strict hours of service rules that prevent them driving more hours than are safe. Julie won one trucking case by comparing satellite data to a driver’s logbook which showed he was lying on his logbook and driving over the Federal allowable hours of service.

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Another method Julie has used successfully is to compare fuel tickets and weight tickets with the driver’s log. Not only did that show the trucker was lying on his logbook, it showed he had to be exceeding the speed limit to get from point to point in that amount of time.

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APITLA-2016Driver fatigue, excessive speed, improper training and faulty equipment are just a few of the many reasons big rigs have big wrecks. You need an experienced Kentucky truck accident lawyer like Julie Butcher who knows this area of the law and has achieved favorable results for many injured victims.

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