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Our law office helps people with many different types of injury cases. Some of those types of cases are listed here. Even if you don’t see your type of case, please Contact us. If we can’t handle your type of case, we may know someone who can. Call us today because we are here to help you. It costs you nothing to call.

Personal Injury

Events that we call “accidents” are often actually someone’s fault. When someone suffers pain and loss because of another person’s negligence, the victim deserves to be compensated for the costs and pain they have suffered through no fault of their own. The main causes of personal injury are (a) the negligence of another party; (b) faulty equipment; and (c) unforeseen circumstances or events.

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Automobile Accidents

In Lexington, some people seem to treat New Circle Road and Man-O-War Boulevard as their own personal Indianapolis 500! Other people seem not to know that a red traffic light means “stop” not “go faster”. Around Central Kentucky, many drivers treat I-75 and I-65 like the Daytona Speedway acting like the speed limit is just a suggestion. What those people don’t realize is that Lexington car wrecks and Kentucky car crashes anywhere can change the lives of their victims in an instant because they often result in serious back and spine injuries, brain injuries, and even death.

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Truck Accidents

Truck wrecks cases are not the same as car wreck cases! Don’t let any lawyer try to tell you otherwise. You should only trust your case to an attorney who has the knowledge and experience that comes with practicing several truck wreck cases. Attorney Julie Butcher has that knowledge and experience with many truck cases over her 24+ years of practice. Julie is also one of only a few attorneys in Kentucky who is a member of a lawyers’ group that dedicates itself to helping the victims of truck wrecks and to preventing more wrecks, APITLA (Association of Plaintiff Interstate Trucking Lawyers of America).

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Motorcycle Accidents

While motorcycles represented only 1% of the vehicles in all Kentucky collisions in 2011, they represented 8% of the vehicles in fatal collisions. While any traffic accident has the potential to be serious, those involving motorcycles can result in particularly devastating injuries.

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Wrongful Death

All actions have consequences; none is more serious than the death of an innocent person. Criminal law provides punishment for those guilty of intentionally causing another’s death.

In civil law, a “wrongful death” lawsuit provides the survivors monetary compensation from those responsible for the intentional or careless behavior causing their loved one’s death.

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Injury on Another’s Property

Some people think that just because you get hurt on someone else’s property, they must compensate you. That is absolutely not true! Before the property owner (like a grocery store) is legally responsible, they must be negligent. In other words, they must fail in their responsibility to keep their place free of unreasonable hazards and if a hazard is unavoidable, the property owner must warn people of the hazard so they can protect themselves. Unfortunately, some property owners are so lax or even cavalier in their safety precautions, that their property becomes a trap or an obstacle course for our unwary clients.

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Insurance Bad Faith

Believe it or not, insurance companies have to play by the rules and obey the law too. When they do not, the people they harm can sue them for “bad faith.” In Kentucky we have common law bad faith as well as statutory bad faith called the “Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act.” The Act lists many specific things insurance companies do that are considered bad faith and for which a person can sue.

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