Truck Wreck Cases – Playing by the Rules

September 28th, 2015 by Attorney Julie Butcher

Truck wrecks cases are not the same as car accident cases!  Don’t let any lawyer try to tell you otherwise.  You should only trust your case to an attorney who has the knowledge and experience that comes with practicing several truck wreck cases.  Lexington attorney Julie Butcher has that knowledge and experience with many truck cases over her 25+ years of practice.  Julie is also one of only a few attorneys in Kentucky who is a member of a lawyers’ group that dedicates itself to helping the victims of truck wrecks and to preventing more wrecks, APITLA (Association of Plaintiff Interstate Trucking Lawyers of America).

One important difference between car and truck wreck cases is the rule book.  Although all drivers must obey standard rules of the road, tractor trailer drivers must obey many more rules in order to drive in interstate commerce.  The primary rule book for interstate truck drivers is the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.  Those rules cover everything from who is qualified to drive a big rig to the specific safety equipment each truck must have and everything in between.

Knowing the rules and knowing the rule book backwards and forwards isn’t enough though.  It takes the kind of experience Julie Butcher has to dig behind the scenes to discover the proverbial “smoking guns” and to hire the most qualified experts to support your case.  Knowing the rules, leaving no stone unturned, sparing no expense to hire the best experts as soon as possible and having years of experience made a difference in those and many other cases Julie Butcher has handled for victims of truck wrecks.