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Smartphones are a hazard to drivers, but they could potentially save many lives. Distracted driving is a leading cause of vehicle accidents in Kentucky, and smartphones can be a major distraction. But smartphones may also be a tool to help keep drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel, according to a recent article in the […]

January has been designated Teen Driver Awareness Month in the hopes of calling attention to the dangers that driving poses to their young lives. Simple driving mistakes can cause injuries and deaths, and without experience it’s easier to make those mistakes. The Kentucky State Police provides these estimates for 2015: 63 teenage drivers were killed. […]

As winter approaches, we lose more daylight. Less of that light means more danger on the roads, especially around dusk when it’s more difficult to see. As the light changes, drivers and pedestrians in Kentucky have a tougher time seeing, making it easier to make mistakes that can lead to vehicle accidents, serious injuries and […]

It’s relatively rare that a vehicle accident is caused by someone driving the wrong way on a Kentucky road, but when these types of incidents happen, the results are far more likely to result in fatalities compared to other types of accidents. There could be a number of reasons why a driver is in the […]

The technology needed to produce safe cars that can navigate our streets and highways is constantly evolving and being tested. There is progress being made toward the goal of driverless vehicles, and some companies hope to leapfrog over competitors by coming up with vehicles where no driver is necessary. If a vehicle is completely autonomous, […]

In most cases, road debris on a Kentucky road or highway is an annoyance, something you can easily avoid or drive over. Sometimes drivers can’t avoid it and the consequences can be fatal. Hitting the debris can cause you to lose control of the vehicle. Swerving around it or hitting your brakes to avoid it […]

Negligent drivers and property owners in Kentucky find you as you are. Many of us suffer either temporary or chronic medical conditions that don’t prevent us from being out and about, living our lives. We get by and make the best of things. In the course of your daily routine, you may be the victim […]

There are many types of accidents, some more dangerous than others. If you have driven a vehicle for any length of time in Kentucky, you probably have been involved in some type of accident. The website Complex has compiled a list of the most frustrating types of accidents. Maybe you’ve had to go through at […]

An adjuster is the insurance company representative who investigates claims made after an accident, whether it is an auto accident or any other type of negligence claim. His or her job is to resolve any possible exposure the company has as quickly and as cheaply as possible. Personally they may be wonderful people, but they […]

Everyone who has been on the highway has seen them — and maybe you’ve even been one yourself. We’re talking about the driver who loves driving in the passing lane even when he or she is going slower than everyone else. This is a leading cause of road rage, which can result in accidents, physical […]