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Driving a tractor trailer in Kentucky is a very challenging job for many reasons. These trucks are on the road all the time and can fall victim to other, negligent drivers. Truck drivers face a steady push to get more done in less time. Weather conditions can turn what normally would be an easy drive […]

The large trucks we share the road with are getting much bigger, one industry at a time. This is despite the evidence that larger trucks take a greater toll on infrastructure and potentially place drivers in greater danger. Kentucky lawmakers have passed measures that allow certain businesses to put trucks exceeding 80,000 pounds on state […]

Semi-trucks are now banned from traveling on state Ky. 151 due to action by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, according to the Lexington Herald Leader. Though this area will see fewer dangerous trucks they simply will go elsewhere to reach their destinations. This is an example of pressure being put upon state officials due to citizen […]

There are tens of thousands of openings for commercial truck drivers. America loves shopping on the internet, the economy is improving and there’s a high turnover rate for drivers. Trucking companies are eager to fill openings, offering bonuses to keep drivers behind the wheel and to recruit new ones. That may result in veteran drivers […]

Do you think commercial trucks drive too fast on Kentucky’s highways? The federal government is proposing that engines of trucks and buses weighing more than 26,000 pounds and manufactured after the regulation goes into effect  must have electronic devices limiting how fast they can go. While most of these vehicles already have limiters or governors, […]

Use of hands-free devices by truck drivers is not risk free. It’s only slightly less hazardous than using a cellphone that’s held up to your face, according to research. Given the damage a commercial truck can do because of its weight (up to 80,000 pounds), any extra hazard is one hazard too many. Use of […]

Two proposals for federal regulations of commercial trucks are being delayed. They both could make Kentucky roadways safer by limiting the speeds of commercial trucks and better monitoring commercial truck drivers who have failed drug and alcohol tests or been cited for driving under the influence. The projected publication dates of these two trucking regulations […]

Commercial truck accidents on Kentucky roads can be a “he said – she said” type of affair. It’s often one driver’s word against another’s. Physical evidence can be gathered and accidents re-created to approximate what happened; but thanks to computers, who did what when is becoming easier to determine. Those computers are on board commercial […]

Billions of dollars are being invested across the globe to develop effective, safe and affordable trucks and cars that drive themselves. These vehicles could be able to safely navigate Kentucky’s many, varied roads to deliver their cargo without drivers. For truck companies, this future — despite the high cost of the truck — could result […]

June is Lane Courtesy Month

June 9th, 2016 by Attorney Julie Butcher

Courtesy can be a rare commodity on the roads today, but it’s key to keeping traffic moving smoothly and safely. June is Lane Courtesy Month, according to the National Motorist Association. It’s the practice of using the left lane on highways and interstates only when passing slower vehicles. The right lane is the travel lane. […]