Lawsuits have been filed by professional football and hockey players as well as professional wrestlers due to the long-term harm done by concussions. A proposed class action lawsuit filed in August against Pop Warner and other youth football-related organizations over brain damage suffered by players could mean changes for youth football, starting with helmets, reports […]

The technology needed to produce safe cars that can navigate our streets and highways is constantly evolving and being tested. There is progress being made toward the goal of driverless vehicles, and some companies hope to leapfrog over competitors by coming up with vehicles where no driver is necessary. If a vehicle is completely autonomous, […]

The UK campus is alive with people during the school year. With about 29,000 students and another 14,000 staff and faculty who need to go where they belong, there will be thousands of pedestrians walking through the campus each day. Add to this all the vehicle traffic from students, employees, mass transit, contractors and deliveries, […]

In most cases, road debris on a Kentucky road or highway is an annoyance, something you can easily avoid or drive over. Sometimes drivers can’t avoid it and the consequences can be fatal. Hitting the debris can cause you to lose control of the vehicle. Swerving around it or hitting your brakes to avoid it […]

Negligent drivers and property owners in Kentucky find you as you are. Many of us suffer either temporary or chronic medical conditions that don’t prevent us from being out and about, living our lives. We get by and make the best of things. In the course of your daily routine, you may be the victim […]

Professional football and hockey players aren’t the only ones involved in legal claims involving concussions and related injuries. Fifty-three retired professional wrestlers filed a lawsuit in July against World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), claiming the company hid the dangers of repetitive head injuries that have caused them crippling neurological damage, reports the Boston Globe. The 214-page […]

It’s approaching the end of summer and the start of the next school year. There are an estimated 55 million children attending schools in the U.S., with nearly 41,000 attending Fayette County Public Schools. The American Automobile Association (AAA) estimates that about 13% of students walk or bike to their schools, exposing themselves to the […]

Use of hands-free devices by truck drivers is not risk free. It’s only slightly less hazardous than using a cellphone that’s held up to your face, according to research. Given the damage a commercial truck can do because of its weight (up to 80,000 pounds), any extra hazard is one hazard too many. Use of […]

Many people think when part of a tree comes down, or the entire tree falls over, it’s a freak accident, bad luck, act of God or some combination thereof. That’s not necessarily the case, especially when the tree is in a public area where people could get hurt when all or part of the tree […]

Two proposals for federal regulations of commercial trucks are being delayed. They both could make Kentucky roadways safer by limiting the speeds of commercial trucks and better monitoring commercial truck drivers who have failed drug and alcohol tests or been cited for driving under the influence. The projected publication dates of these two trucking regulations […]