January has been designated Teen Driver Awareness Month in the hopes of calling attention to the dangers that driving poses to their young lives. Simple driving mistakes can cause injuries and deaths, and without experience it’s easier to make those mistakes. The Kentucky State Police provides these estimates for 2015: 63 teenage drivers were killed. […]

As winter approaches, we lose more daylight. Less of that light means more danger on the roads, especially around dusk when it’s more difficult to see. As the light changes, drivers and pedestrians in Kentucky have a tougher time seeing, making it easier to make mistakes that can lead to vehicle accidents, serious injuries and […]

Concussions are very common, but that doesn’t mean they should be taken lightly. Depending on the severity a concussion can have serious, life-long effects. If you think you’ve suffered a concussion, you should seek medical attention not only to help you now but to possibly help you cope with future health problems. The brain is […]

Semi-trucks are now banned from traveling on state Ky. 151 due to action by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, according to the Lexington Herald Leader. Though this area will see fewer dangerous trucks they simply will go elsewhere to reach their destinations. This is an example of pressure being put upon state officials due to citizen […]

It’s relatively rare that a vehicle accident is caused by someone driving the wrong way on a Kentucky road, but when these types of incidents happen, the results are far more likely to result in fatalities compared to other types of accidents. There could be a number of reasons why a driver is in the […]

There are tens of thousands of openings for commercial truck drivers. America loves shopping on the internet, the economy is improving and there’s a high turnover rate for drivers. Trucking companies are eager to fill openings, offering bonuses to keep drivers behind the wheel and to recruit new ones. That may result in veteran drivers […]

Do you think commercial trucks drive too fast on Kentucky’s highways? The federal government is proposing that engines of trucks and buses weighing more than 26,000 pounds and manufactured after the regulation goes into effect  must have electronic devices limiting how fast they can go. While most of these vehicles already have limiters or governors, […]

Lawsuits have been filed by professional football and hockey players as well as professional wrestlers due to the long-term harm done by concussions. A proposed class action lawsuit filed in August against Pop Warner and other youth football-related organizations over brain damage suffered by players could mean changes for youth football, starting with helmets, reports […]

The technology needed to produce safe cars that can navigate our streets and highways is constantly evolving and being tested. There is progress being made toward the goal of driverless vehicles, and some companies hope to leapfrog over competitors by coming up with vehicles where no driver is necessary. If a vehicle is completely autonomous, […]

The UK campus is alive with people during the school year. With about 29,000 students and another 14,000 staff and faculty who need to go where they belong, there will be thousands of pedestrians walking through the campus each day. Add to this all the vehicle traffic from students, employees, mass transit, contractors and deliveries, […]