You probably won’t think about them until you hit one. Guardrails are all around us when we drive in Kentucky, especially on the highway, on curves and bridges. Ideally, they’re supposed to limit the damage done if we hit them, but that’s not always the case. At least four are dead after three accidents where […]

Technology allowing vehicles to safely drive themselves is being developed, though it may take some time to perfect. While we imperfect humans are still driving, technology is in the works to determine if a driver is fatigued and, if so, to alert the person so he or she can drive without posing a danger. Kentucky’s […]

Traffic accidents happen every day. Maybe that’s the problem. Traffic accidents are like dripping water from a faucet we can’t be bothered to fix. When it comes to traffic crashes, each drip is like a life lost and the country and Kentucky can’t be bothered to do much to fix the problem of the rapidly […]

Kentucky’s millennial population may be the most hazardous group of drivers, according to a new report from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. This new study estimates that 88% of young millennials engage in risky behavior while driving, making them the country’s worst-behaved drivers. The survey results come from the foundation’s annual Traffic Safety Culture […]

Society needs good Samaritans. In this time when America is more divided than ever politically and economically, we need to reach out to each other when someone needs help. But we need to be smart about it and, most importantly, obey the law when we’re driving in Kentucky. If you want to help someone who’s […]

Driving a tractor trailer in Kentucky is a very challenging job for many reasons. These trucks are on the road all the time and can fall victim to other, negligent drivers. Truck drivers face a steady push to get more done in less time. Weather conditions can turn what normally would be an easy drive […]

Traffic fatalities have gone up, which is a change from past years of steady declines. Traffic safety experts are trying to find the cause, and it may be as close as their smartphones. One theory for the cause of the increased carnage is that large numbers of drivers are distracted by smartphones and their apps. […]

Millions of Americans suffer concussions every year. Depending on the severity of the concussion and whether the person has suffered one in the past, symptoms can linger for days, weeks or months. A recent study by the University of Georgia (UGA) shows that even after a driver no longer feels the effects of a concussion, […]

The large trucks we share the road with are getting much bigger, one industry at a time. This is despite the evidence that larger trucks take a greater toll on infrastructure and potentially place drivers in greater danger. Kentucky lawmakers have passed measures that allow certain businesses to put trucks exceeding 80,000 pounds on state […]

Smartphones are a hazard to drivers, but they could potentially save many lives. Distracted driving is a leading cause of vehicle accidents in Kentucky, and smartphones can be a major distraction. But smartphones may also be a tool to help keep drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel, according to a recent article in the […]