About the Law Offices of Julie Butcher

Who we are

It is the goal of the attorneys, paralegals and support staff of the Julie Butcher Law Office to help our injury clients through the most difficult times of their lives.  Whether the client has just lost his or her soul mate due to the careless negligence of another or the client’s family faces financial ruin because the primary bread winner becomes disabled, we offer calm and order through our knowledge and navigation of the legal system.

That is why our motto is “compassion, integrity and results.”

We choose to be different from most other injury attorneys.  Our clients are not nameless, faceless, interchangeable parts put on this earth to make us rich.  We all know who those other attorneys are because we see them night and day on TV saying callous and embarrassing things like, “in a wreck?  Get a check!”  Those commercials demean the attorney, the client and the legal system.  Instead, we recognize that our clients are human beings with serious, individual legal needs who deserve the individual, specialized representation we provide.

Because we choose to provide this individualized style and degree of representation, we don’t take every case or client that walks in the door.  We don’t have to and we won’t compromise our reputation by doing so.  We will only take meritorious cases.  Those people who seek to file frivolous lawsuits need to call those other attorneys because we won’t represent them.

Some may say we’re picky and maybe we are, but that is one of the reasons we’ve been so successful and our clients so satisfied.

The Julie Butcher Law Office has been open since 2003.  Owner and lead attorney, Julie Butcher, has a broad range of experience and perspective from representing the defense in injury cases early in her career to litigating and successfully resolving multi-million dollar death cases for survivors over the last 25 years.  Julie has been practicing law for over 20 years.  The firm’s credentials stack up against any, however the best way to evaluate how we can serve you isn’t through anything we can say, but instead what our clients say about their experiences. Read: Our Client Testimonials

Julie Butcher – Attorney-at-Law

Attorney Julie ButcherMs. Butcher opened the firm in January 2003 with all the injury clients she then represented at her prior employer’s firm. Each client had a choice whether to stay with the larger, well known law firm or have Julie continue to be their attorney. They all chose Julie.

From the beginning of the firm, the emphasis has always been on service to the clients, not the glory of the lawyers.  That doesn’t mean Julie isn’t successful.  In the 25+ years Julie has been an attorney, she has successfully presented her clients’ cases to juries across Kentucky, from Mt. Sterling to Harrodsburg and many places in between.  Many more clients’ cases were settled for 6 and 7 figures before trial.  All the cases were practiced with the needs of the client being foremost.

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